Innovative Wellness awarded research grant to prevent adverse childhood experiences

Dec 15, 2020

As shared in VCU NEWS, we are pleased to announce that our “Preventing Adverse Childhood Experiences and Promoting Child and Family Wellness” study is funded by Families Forward Virginia.

The study will be two-fold, with a focus on examining the impact adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) might have on parenting behaviors and subsequently the outcome of their children’s behaviors as well as exploring whether a home-based prevention intervention will improve parenting and promote resilience among at risk children. While it’s believed that ACEs pass across generations, few intervention targets exist in the current research.

Dr. Sunny Shin, principal investigator and Director of Innovative Wellness, aims to meet that need by exploring the links between parent and child exposure to trauma to prevent ACEs and promote child and family wellness. Furthermore, the study will explore the efficacy of trauma-informed prevention services on health and wellness of children and families in low income areas. 

For more information about the study, please see this VCU NEWS article: Research grants focus on preventing adverse childhood experiences, trauma.