Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Maternal adverse childhood experiences and postpartum depressive symptoms in young, low-income women.
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Childhood maltreatment, depressive implicit associations and depression symptoms in young adulthood. 
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The effects of father-perpetration of maltreatment on adolescent health risk. 
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Childhood maltreatment and problematic alcohol use in young adulthood: The roles of cognitive vulnerability to depression and depressive symptoms.
Shin, S. H., Jiskrova, G. K., Kobulsky, J. M., & Yoon, S. H. (2020). American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse.

Children exposed to intimate partner violence: Identifying differential effects of family environment on children’s trauma and psychopathology symptoms through regression mixture models.
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Examining the role of psychological distress in linking childhood maltreatment and alcohol use in young adulthood.
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A longitudinal examination of childhood maltreatment and adolescent obesity: Results from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health (AddHealth).
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Health care disparities and language use at home among Latino, Asian American, and American Indian adolescents: Findings from the California Health Interview Survey (CHIS).
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Need for and actual use of mental health services by older foster youth.
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Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles/Book Chapters in Progress

Childhood maltreatment and problematic alcohol use: The role of negative cognitive style and depression symptoms.
Shin, S. H., Ksinan Jiskrova G., Kobulsky, J., & Yoon, S. (In progress).

Childhood maltreatment and depression in young adulthood: A consideration of depressive implicit associations and symptoms.
Shin, S. H., Ksinan Jiskrova G., McGinnis, H. A., & Wills, T. (In progress).