Innovative Wellness presents at the 2020 Society for Social Work Research Conference in Washington D.C.

Jan 23, 2020

Last week, Dr. Sunny Shin and David Conley, a 4th year PhD candidate, represented Innovative Wellness at the 2020 Society for Social Work Research conference in Washington, DC. The team really valued sharing our findings with other social work professionals and the public.

This year, we had four presentations covering our research. Two presentations focused on infant mortality and the intervention we are testing in our LIFE study. The third builds off our Pathways to the Present study and explored the role of impulsive personality traits in the connection between adverse childhood experiences and e-cigarette use in youth.

Finally, Dr. Shin was interviewed in a panel discussion regarding the implications of the Family First Prevention Services Act. His talk focused on how researchers, practitioners, and others in child welfare can collaborate in order to implement the Family First Prevention Services Act at state levels.